Cremona Fiere, May 24-26, 2019

Cremona Fiere

May, 24/26 

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Three days fully dedicated to the Made in USA equestrian disciplines and lifestyle, with a various and highly qualitative show program at present unmatched in Europe

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 There were 52 finalists in the Non Pro event with sparks expected to fly following the lead up from the go round that had been dominated by Gina Shumacher, with her three horses placed among the top four.  But this evening, it was no holds barred for Tina Kunster-Mahl, who had two horses in the final of the IRHA/NRHA Derby Non Pro here in Cremona and put together two great runs.

She finished the evening with top honours at Levels 4 and 3 aboard Mizzfire, who slid to a powerful 222 that had the crowd whooping, and a Reserve Champion title at Level 3 accompanied by Theo Boom Shernic, with a score of 216.5. Both horses are owned by Jacpoint QH, Tina’s superb facility in Lermoos, Austria. Tina bought Mizzfire, a 7-year-old gelding, son of the incomparable Colonels Smoking Gun and West Coast Mizzen, bred Tom & Mandy McCutcheon, in the US in late August of last year. ‘I competed with him for the first time in Las Vegas in September and we scored a 215 there, even after such a short time together, before returning to Europe,’ explains Tina. ‘He’s an amazing horse, really calm at home, more like a dog. He’s a funny horse, you put him in the trailer and he puts his head down and sleeps at home he eats and lies down and sleeps, but then he’s great to ride in the show pen’.


‘Theo’, 6 years, by Boom Shernic Da out of Smoken Cromed was bred by Houde Lucie and is also a gelding, but rather trickier to hold in the arena. ‘I felt really good with both horses during the warm-up, but with Theo it helped that it was warm today, it calmed him down a bit,’ comments Tina, ‘it meant I could send him on the fast circles as I knew he would not have the energy to run off’. Tina has a long and glorious record in Non Pro events, most recently she was crowned Champion at the NRHA European Derby in Lyon last November on Nu Chexomatic, snatching the title from Gina Schumacher who finished her run there just one point behind Tina’s 222.5. ‘After Lyon I had a long winter break and then started competing again at the Austrian Maturity last week.’


Here in Cremona Gina once again had to settle for reserve honours at Level 4, despite a great run on the powerful gelding Xtra Step N Diamond (Wimpy Little Step x HA Ruby N Diamonds) owned by 5 CS Ranch, with the pair finishing on a strong 220.5. Despite leading the go round on Wham Bam Gunner Man, aka Woody, Gina had confided before the final that her hopes were mainly pinned on the 5-year-old Xtra Step N Diamond bred by Xtra QH. ‘He is strong, but easier to show, he is not oversensitive and that helps when I am nervous myself’. Regarding the level of competition overall at the Italian Derby this year, Gina comments, ‘Competing in an event like this, where there are a lot of strong horses is in any case very stimulating, even if it makes winning more complicated.’


Silvia Racco had to wait for another 16 riders to complete their runs, before being sure that she had managed to secure top spot al Levels 2 and 1 astride IM Gunner Slide, the 7-year-old paint mare with which she put in a convincing 215.5 immediately before the break. The 24-year-old rider from Lombardy, who trains with Mirko Midili, was competing in her first special event: ‘Here last year at the Derby I missed entering the final by just half a point, so this year I was really going to make the best of it!’ The plural here refers to herself and her IM Gunner Slide, actually owned by dad Sandro who Silvia wishes to thank for letting her show his horse, ‘though now he doesn’t want to let me have him again, maybe not even for the prize-giving’, jokes the young rider. Daughter of One Gun e and a dam that has practically the same name, Gunna Slide, was bred by Giorgio Romanotto. ‘She’s a super horse’ explains Silvia, ‘and the improvement compared to last year is all thanks to Mirko’s magic touch; he added whatever was missing.’ She was started late due to bad health and the Racco family bought her and managed her themselves up until last year when she was started by Midili. Silvia started riding early, hacking out, but then had to stop as she was allergic to horse hair: ‘But my passion was stronger!’ concludes Silvia. Mirko Midili defines her as a ‘super-competitor who only needs a little encouragement …’.


It would seem that the young trainer’s encouragement works as the position of Reserve Champion in this Non Pro Derby Level 1 also went to the same facility thanks to the well-matched pair of Roberta Gianformaggio and GP Magnificent Dream, (Magnum Chic Dream x Chili Chili Coco Bop) bred by Dyck Marleen. These ‘two great girls’ pulled off a super triple last November in the finals of the 2017 IRHA-FISE Championship: Non Pro, Intermediate Non Pro and Non Pro Over 50. The ‘hard Lady’ of Non Pro reining is back in the spotlight with her 6-year-old mare, bred at 23 Quarter Horses and daughter of Magnum Chic Dream and Chili Chili Coco Bop, that Roberta purchased when she was two years old. Roberta adores this attractive mare that suffered a nasty colic when young that, however, impacted on her training: ‘She needed special treatment and it would seem she appreciates all the effort I put in then and over the long-term. We developed a very special feeling’.  


Behind Silvia Racco at Level 2 is the talented rider, Ulrike Krueger on SL Shesgotmesparklin (Jacs Electric Spark x Shes Customized), an athletic 6-year-old palomino mare that Ulrike trained herself. The duo is strong and consistent; in fact, they were Champions at the same Level of the Derby Non Pro in 2017. The German rider lives in Austria and rides alone, though she is assisted in competitions by Bernard Fonck.

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